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Bathtub refinishing Questions and Answers
Does Buffalo NY Bathtub and Counter Top and Tile Refinishing work?

I have heard this question many times in several years. The answer is yes , Buffalo NY Bathtub and Counter Top and Tile Refinishing, if the work is done properly it will last as long as 20 years. Be aware, this an alternative to costly replacement, which could cost as much as 5000 dollars. There is no surface which will last forever, not even porcelain.

Why should I choose your company?

I have had allot of customers that had bad experiences with other refinishing companies. Poor workmanship and inferior materials, leads to afailed product. Not only these companies are ripping off customers they are giving our industry a bad name. You can be rest assured that our company will give you the highest quality workmanship and materials available for Buffalo NY Bathtub and Counter Top and Tile Refinishing.

I have heard that bath liners a far better than refinishing. Is this true?

This is a myth. Bath liners can fail. I’ve removed allot of failed liners. Many times, the seal around the liner fails and allows water to get in between the liner and tub. Once this occurs mold starts to grow and the liner can have a “squishy” feel to it, due to water being trapped underneath. Liners are considerably more costly than refinishing, as much as 8 times more. Most liner companies will not warranty a liner unless they install their wall system as well. This combination can cost as much as 3000 dollars. In my opinion, Buffalo NY Bathtub and Counter Top and Tile Refinishing is more economical.

Is there a difference in quality?

Yes and No. Yes there are companies that do very reputable work, but usually not for 100 dollars. Be aware, not all Buffalo NY Bathtub and Counter Top and Tile Refinishing companies use the same process and materials. A company charging a real cheap price may only be putting on an epoxy 1 step finish, which will not last at all. In this type of business you get what you paid for. Ask the company the process. Be sure they are doing at least the same 11 step process we use.

Is there a difference between Refinishing, Reglazing, and Resurfacing?

They are all basically the same terms. The term Reglazing is kind of misleading. A new bathtub is considered to be glazed. This part of the process where the manufacture applies a Glaze to the tub and then is fired in a kiln at temperatures over 1500 degrees. The ending result is porcelain. In our industry this cannot be duplicated in the home due to the intense temperatures. Reglazing is actually refinishing, because at this time “reglazing” cannot be done. Resurfacing is also the same as refinishing. There are some companies that can restore your dull tub to a shiny tub. I believe they cannot use this process for chipped and worn bathtubs.

What should I do to prepare the bathroom before you arrive?

The shower doors or curtains need to be removed; all items in the shower area, counter tops, back of toilet, rugs, and any window treatments should be removed as well. This will help us in the ability to properly protect your bathroom.

My faucet drips all the time. Will this need to be repaired before you arrive?

Yes, you will have to repair the faucet before we arrive. We cannot refinish a tub that has a dripping faucet.

When can I use my bathtub after you leave?
After I leave you will have to wait 48 hours before use.

Buffalo NY Bathtub and Counter Top and Tile Refinishing
Buffalo NY Bathtub and Counter Top and Tile Refinishing

What do I do after Buffalo NY Bathtub and Counter Top and Tile Refinishing is completed?

The next day remove all masking paper from the walls and floor. It will only take a minute or two. Reinstall your trip lever, previously removed in step 3 of the process page, by dropping the weighted end into the overflow pipe, line up the screw hole and reinstall the two screws. If a drain screen was removed, lay it over the drain, line up the hole and install the screw. Re-caulk the tub.
We recommend using Poly seam seal adhesive caulk(TM) Made by OSI. It can be found at most hardware stores. a minimal Charge.

I have rust spots in my tub. Can this be repaired? Yes,but cannot be guaranteed for further rusting. We do our best to prevent this but sometimes cannot be stopped from future rusting. In all those years I’ve not Had many tubs that the rust came back, not bad considering I’ve refinished thousands tubs.

Does the process have an odor?
It has an odor equivalent to the smell of nail polish. When we set up our equipment, a ventilation fan is installed in your bathroom window. If there is not a window available we will set up a powerful ventilation machine to help remove any objectionable odors.

. How long does the process take?
Buffalo NY Bathtub, Counter Top and Tile Refinishing. Can take anywhere between 3 Hours to 5 Hours. It depends on the condition of the existing bathtub.

What can I use to clean my new surface with?
We recommend spray on bath cleaners such as Scrubbing Bubbles or Generic brand foam bath cleaners. Never use abrasive cleaners on your new finish.

Can I use the bathtub before you arrive?

Yes, the tub does not need to be dry before I arrive. You can use it right up to the minute before I arrive.


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